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Our water optimisation systems not only prevent limescale, but also ensure that the water hardness, pH value and level of minerals in the water are correct - for perfect coffee and tea enjoyment.
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Water optimisation for
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Speciality coffees and teas of consistently high quality are one of the safest and most profitable sources of revenue in classic gastronomy and catering.

When it comes to trendy and profitable speciality coffees in particular, the question of the right water supply does not just relate to protecting valuable barista-style coffee machines from limescale, but increasingly focuses on the key question that drives sales: how can the proprietor achieve the best water to ensure the tastiest cup of coffee?

If you consider that an espresso consists of approx. 92 % water and an Americano as much as approx. 98 %, you soon realise that water plays a crucial role in extracting the taste, explaining why water quality is so important for the taste result.

Wasser bedeutende Zutat

We are constantly researching and developing new, innovative solutions that, in addition to perfect limescale protection for the machine, raise the sensory quality of water for gastronomy to the highest level. Accordingly, we offer the world's widest range of water optimisation systems for the catering industry.

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Water treatment solutions for perfect hot beverages.

Prod­ucts range from filter cartridges like BWT bestmax or BWT bestmax PREMIUM with BWT magne­sium tech­nology to specialist solu­tions like  BWT best­pro­tect or BWT best­taste, which perform very partic­ular func­tions in water opti­mi­sa­tion, depending on the raw water. For even greater perfec­tion in producing water for coffee, try the inge­nious BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee reverse osmosis system with inte­grated BWT magne­sium tech­nology: For consis­tently great coffee ­water anywhere in the world.

Our BWT bestaqua ROC 14 is the ulti­mate problem-solver for raw water with a high salt and chlo­rine content, providing maximum protec­tion against corro­sion and satis­fying high water demands.

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