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BWT High Efficiency Technology


HET – the new dimension in capacity

As an innovation leader, we continuously enhance our filter systems for water optimisation. With High Efficiency Technology (HET) we have set new standards on the market in terms of efficiency.

This new dimension in filter capacity, efficiency and safety is the result of intensive research activities on the part of engineers, chemists and water technologists within the BWT Group.

Under the term "High Efficiency Technology" (HET), the innovative technology contained in the BWT bestmax filter cartridges now makes water optimisation significantly more effective.

These effects are achieved through an improved flow routing, a specially optimised filter material, a new type of active carbon pre-filtration upstream of the ion exchanger, as well as maximum utilisation of the entire filter bed.


Advantages of BWT's High Efficiency Technology

For maximum efficiency and safety in water optimisation

How it works

This is how BWT High Efficency Technology works

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