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BWT bestaqua ROC System

Ideal water for rinsing, ovens, combi steamers as well as for steam generation

More information
  • Innovative reverse osmosis technology
  • Available in two product sizes with 120 l/h and 190 l/h permeate output
  • Highly efficient and powerful – tailor-made for the catering industry
  • Ideal for use in rinsing technology and for ovens/combi steamers
  • Efficient production of demineralised water in large quantities
  • Sustainable due to very low wastewater generation
  • Resource-saving plug-and-play technology – unpack, connect and get started
  • Easy monitoring and control via Bluetooth app
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Product details

BWT bestaqua ROC systems from BWT water+more were devel­oped specificaly for use in the gastronomy and hotel indus­tries. Its unique reverse osmosis tech­nology sets new stan­dards in water opti­mi­sa­tion.

Equipped with the BWT bestaqua MEMBRANE module, it is highly effi­cient and produces puri­fied water that is ideal for dish­washing tech­nology and for steam gener­a­tion for combi steamers or steam cookers, as well as for steam used in baking.

Technical benefits of the BWT bestaqua ROC system at a glance:

  • High permeate capacity of 120 l/h
  • High salt retaining rate of > 97%
  • High permeate yield of up to 50%
  • Adjustable and monitored output quality avoids corrosion risk.
  • Very compact and service-friendly
  • Simple filter replace­ment without using tools

Technical details

Permeate capacity 2 l/min = 120 l/h
Salt reten­tion rate > 97%
Permeate yield approx. 50 %
Oper­ating condi­tions
Feed water flow rate, min. 4.2 l/min = 250 l/h
Concen­trate flow rate approx. 2.0 l/min = 120 l/h
Feed water pres­sure 0.15-0.4 MPa = 1.5-4 bar
Feed water temper­a­ture 5-30°C
Ambient temper­a­ture 5-40°C
Power supply 230 V/50 Hz, ≥ 6 A, fused
Protec­tion rating IP 54
Device fuse 1.25 A, time-​lag
Power consump­tion 200 W, standby < 3 W
Device connec­tion EC-​60320 C13
IEC power cable 1.8 m, CEE 7/4, IEC-​60320 C13
Inlet and outlet lines
Feed water M ¾"
Permeate M ⅜"
Concen­trate JOHN GUEST 8 MM
External tank JOHN GUEST 8 MM
Dimen­sions and weight
Dimen­sions (W x D x H) 153 x 271 x 505 mm
Weight 10.3 kg
Order number
BWT bestaqua 14 ROC RS81M01A00
BWT bestaqua 14 MEMBRANE RS00Y61A00

BWT bestaqua ROC System