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Our water optimisation systems not only prevent limescale, but also ensure that the water hardness, pH value and level of minerals in the water are correct - for perfect coffee and tea enjoyment.
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Water opti­mi­sa­tion for
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Top quality water

Speciality coffees and teas of consis­tently high quality are one of the safest and most prof­itable sources of revenue in classic hospitality industry and catering.

When it comes to trendy and prof­itable speciality coffees in partic­ular, the ques­tion of the right water supply does not just relate to protecting valu­able barista-​style coffee machines from limescale, but increas­ingly focuses on the key ques­tion that drives sales: how can the propri­etor achieve the best water to ensure the tastiest cup of coffee?

If you consider that an espresso consists of approx. 92 % water and an Amer­i­cano as much as approx. 98 %, you soon realise that water plays a crucial role in extracting the taste, explaining why water quality is so impor­tant for the taste result.

Wasser bedeutende Zutat

We are constantly researching and devel­oping new, inno­v­a­tive solu­tions that, in addi­tion to perfect limescale protec­tion for the machine, raise the sensory quality of water for the hospi­tality industry to the highest level. Accord­ingly, we offer the world's widest range of water opti­mi­sa­tion systems for the catering industry.

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Water treatment solutions for perfect hot beverages.

Prod­ucts range from filter cartridges like BWT bestmax or BWT bestmax PREMIUM with BWT magne­sium tech­nology to specialist solu­tions like  BWT best­pro­tect or BWT best­taste, which perform very partic­ular func­tions in water opti­mi­sa­tion, depending on the raw water. 

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