BWT bestdrink PREMIUM
Bestdrink Premium V
Bestdrink Premium S
BWT bestdrink PREMIUM
Bestdrink Premium V
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BWT bestdrink PREMIUM

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  • Filter system for premium water in drinking water dispensers
  • Patented BWT Magnesium Technology mineralizes the filtrate with magnesium as a taste enhancer
  • Perfect for making fine cold drinks and an ideal accompaniment for food
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Product details

With BWT bestdrink PREMIUM, drinking water can be optimised for the particular requirements for water dispenser operation.

The patented BWT Magnesium Technology mineralises water, enriching it with the valuable flavour carrier, magnesium. The innovative filter thus makes any tap water into delicious fresh drinking water with a slightly mineral note.

Technical benefits of
BWT best­drink PREMIUM at a glance:

  • 5-stage filtration
  • Ideal mineralisation of cold water for higher magnesium content
  • Activated charcoal fleece for consistently crystal-clear water
  • Ease of handling when replacing the filter
  • Horizontal or vertical installation

Technical details

BWT bestdrink PREMIUM S V
Connection thread (in/out) (1) variable variable
Inlet pressure, min. – max. in bar  2–8  2–8
Water temperature, min. – max. in °C  4–30  4–30
Ambient temperature, min. – max. in °C  4–40  4–40
Total height without bracket in mm, approx. 360 420
Total height with bracket in mm, approx.  385 445
Connection height in mm  306 366
Distance to floor in mm  65  65
Installation length in mm; 125 125
Ø filter cartridge in mm  88 110
Weight in kg, approx. (dry/wet); 0.9/1.5 2.3/3.2
Order no. of filter cartridge  FS22P10A00 FS23P10A00

(1) Connection thread options with BWT besthead FLEX

bestdrink premium

BWT bestdrink PREMIUM