BWT Magnesium Technology

Water optimisation technology

BWT Magnesium Enrichment Technology supports coffee roasters across the world, magnifying their expertise so a coffee bean's natural complexities of flavour are released when brewing.
Wasseroptimierung Sensorik Wasseroptimierung Sensorik

BWT magnesium technology

A revolution in water optimisation

It is now well understood that the chemical characteristics of brewing water do have an effect on the final coffee cupping experience.

The team of researchers under the direc­tion of Prof. Chahan Yeret­zian applied a stan­dard­ised process to inves­ti­gate what influ­ence the ratio of alkaline-earth ions calcium (Ca2+) and magne­sium (Mg2+) in water has on the sensory prop­er­ties of coffee.

A statis­ti­cally reli­able flavour analysis (cupping panel) revealed a surpris­ingly clear picture: By shifting the mineral ratio in the water towards more magne­sium (Mg2+), two impor­tant taste para­me­ters change in the flavour para­me­ters of the coffee extract: bitter­ness and astrin­gency are decreased signif­i­cantly.

Wasseroptimierung Sensorik broadway engineering

Brews made from water with a high calcium content taste bitter and astringent.

Wasseroptimierung Sensorik broadway engineering

Coffee brewed from water with a high magnesium content convinced the testers.

The scientists' findings are highly consistent with the experience gained in practice by international baristas: magnesium-rich water ensures that balanced, full taste experience in coffee which roasters strive for in each of their different coffees.
Wasseroptimierung Sensorik
Wasseroptimierung Sensorik

Less calcium, more magnesium in the water: the brew becomes less bitter and astringent

Ultimate coffee enjoyment

Advantages of BWT Magnesium Technology

How BWT Magnesium Technology works

In BWT bestmax PREMIUM filter cartridges, the raw water is not only decal­ci­fied and freed from all unde­sir­able parti­cles in a 5-stage process, it is also miner­alised with magne­sium.

Magne­sium is a valu­able flavour carrier and ensures optimal extrac­tion in coffee and coffee special­i­ties – an impor­tant prereq­ui­site for the best taste and sensory char­ac­ter­is­tics of the end prod­ucts coffee and tea in gastronomy and vending.

besthead Filterkopf
besthead Filterkopf

Filter cartridges with BWT Magne­sium Tech­nology

Technical advantages of BWT bestmax PREMIUM at a glance:

  • Limescale protection for machines
  • Ideal mineralisation for higher magnesium content
  • Activated charcoal fleece for consistently crystal-clear water
  • Filtration also of bypass water
  • Horizontal or vertical installation

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