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BWT bestsave


More information
  • Scale protection pad for coffee machines with integrated water tank
  • Basic cost-effective, efficient limescale protection
  • Easy to use in all coffee machines with integrated water tank
  • Simply put the BWT bestsave pad in the water tank
  • Minimizes limescale deposits in the machine
  • Cost-effective solution
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Product details

The BWT bestsave scale protection pad provides ideal basic limescale protection for all coffee machines with a water tank. The scale protection pad is extremely simple to use.

Remove it from the packaging, briefly rinse it under running water, then put it on the base of the tank in the coffee machine. BWT bestsave is ideal for smaller vending machines and coffee outlets. Ideally, water optimisation takes place overnight so that there is sufficient water available to prepare coffee the following day.

Technical benefits of BWT bestsave at a glance:

  • Ideal throughflow through a special BWT filter fleece
  • Professional BWT ion exchanger technology
  • Integrated active carbon removes unwanted tastes and smells from water
  • Hygiene protection against bacterial growth
  •  All materials used are food-safe

The BWT bestsave is available in 3 different variants/capacities:

  •  BWT bestsave S
  •  BWT bestsave M
  •  BWT bestsave L

Technical details

Water hardness soft medium hard
Carbonate hardness 10 dKH 15 dKH 20 dKH
Tank volume in L Tank fillings/days
BWT bestsave S
50 litres *
0,75 66 44 33
1,0 50 33 25
1,5 33 22 16
BWT bestsave M
100 litres *
1,0 100 66 50
2,0 50 33 25
3,5 29 20 15
BWT bestsave L
200 litres *
2,0 100 66 50
3,5 58 40 30
5,0 40 27 20
*Typical filter capacity at 10 degrees of carbonate hardness


BWT bestsave PDF, 427 Kb Downloads

BWT bestsave