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Not all water is the same. The chemical and sensory quality is too variable. The local conditions are too different.
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For areas of appli­ca­tion in the hospi­tality sector, BWT offers water+more, the market-​​leading solu­tion for opti­mising any local water. Partic­u­larly in the sensi­tive gastronomy avending market where water of a consis­tently high quality is a require­ment for an econom­i­cally successful busi­ness.

The very best water is an essen­tial ingre­dient of five-​star hospi­tality. By creating intense flavours and aromas in speciality coffees and teas, the right water creates maximum satis­fac­tion and repeat visits. Returning customers help guar­antee long term revenue and finan­cial secu­rity.
Further­more, the purest water will opti­mise produc­tion processes in many other areas. This helps ensure a long and trouble-​​free life for valu­able profes­sional catering equip­ment.

Plus, it signif­i­cantly enhances the quality of the end prod­ucts. It is respon­sible, for example, for heathy, appetis­ingly crunchy vegeta­bles in steam cookers, for airy baked goods with a crispy crust in ovens, or for bril­liantly gleaming crockery and glasses without limescale 'spot­ting' in dish­washers.

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Tech­nolo­gies for optimal water treat­ment

Require­ments in the hospi­tality industry

Our international water experts specialise in meeting the requirements of the hospitality industry. Just ask! Our local special­ists will be able to advise you on inno­v­a­tive prod­ucts from our exten­sive range, so that you can achieve the greatest water opti­mi­sa­tion effi­ciency in any local water situ­a­tion, for any appli­ca­tion and for any volume of water consump­tion.

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