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Legal Notice

Duty to inform according to § 5 Tele­media Act and § 5 E-​Commerce Act


Media owner, manu­fac­turer and publisher:

BWT water+more Deutsch­land GmbH
Konrad-​Adenauer-Ring 13
D-​65183 Wies­baden
E-​Mail: info@water-​
T.: +49 611 58019 0
F.: +49 611 58019 22



Trade Register: HRB 21930
Place of Juris­dic­tion: Wies­baden
Compe­tent Authority: Wies­baden District Court
Company Regis­tra­tion no.: DE246197350
VAT no.: 040 225 063 16



Dr. Frank Neuhausen, Lutz Hübner