Boost the culinary performance of your combination steamers and ovens.

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Because the right supply of steam produces perfect rolls, croissants, etc. every time. And at the same time, you will protect your appliances and avoid downtimes. What could be better?
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Water optimisation for
combination steamers and ovens

The contemporary production of culinary specialities in gastronomy and the bakery trade would be impossible without the gentle and effective cooking and baking technology used in modern combination steamers and ovens. The use of a fine, highly heated steam mist has expanded the range of cooking and baking methods enormously.

The new all-round specialists in demanding commercial applications still rely on top-class water quality. Any undesirable component in the water limits productivity and impedes top performance. In the worst case, it can also affect the cooking process or even the baked goods themselves. Exploit the full potential of your appliances.

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The all-rounder in
water optimisation

Our BWT bestmax is a real all-rounder for use in combination steamers and ovens. The all-round filtration solution provides the best possible water in a highly efficient way as the basis for perfectly purified steam. BWT bestmax with "High-​Efficiency-​Technology" (HET) supports the baking process in the best possible way because the compact filter cartridge removes lime and other undesirable substances from the water.

The end products thus have a consistently good flavour, and the performance of the ovens remains high over the long term. At the same time, as much as possible has been done to protect equipment, because limescale deposits are not given a chance to clog the micro-nozzles of the high-end cooking technology. This is even possible with raw water with high salt and calcium sulphate levels and when large volumes of water are required. BWT bestaqua ROC, our unique, compact and powerful reverse osmosis system, produces highly efficiently purified water that is ideal for every oven and combination steamer.

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