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As the world's top water filter manufacturer, we're all about the taste, and have developed unique filter systems that transform any untreated water into consistently perfect drinking water.

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As Europe's top water technology provider, we pull out all the stops in research and development to optimise existing potable water through functional and technologically perfect solutions for a particular purpose.

Whether you're looking to protect against limescale in coffee machines by using classic filters, want a quality taste and feel from your water or need to ensure that unwanted components are removed, we have the right technology for you to overcome practically any water-related challenge at the point of use. 

Founded in 2005, we are a wholly owned subsidiary of BWT AG (established in 1990).

Our customers in the gastronomy and hospitality sectors have an unparalleled advantage in the form of BWT's extensive technological expertise in all areas of water optimisation. The BWT water+more team are always able to draw upon the latest technological developments and harness them in practical solutions for the specific requirements of the gastronomy sector.

Woman enjoy her hot drink
Woman enjoy her hot drink

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Your specialist for perfect water for kitchens, bakeries and gastronomy

BWT water+more is the ultimate specialist in perfect water for kitchens, bakeries and gastronomy. Whether you need it for steam cooking, baking, rinsing dishes or vending, we are all about providing consistently optimised water quality with top sensory characteristics for professionals and home cooks alike. Our technicians have developed the world's biggest product range of modern water optimisation solutions for that very purpose. From compact systems for the professional sector to smart tank cartridges for your own coffee machine at home, our versatile filter systems offer reliable limescale protection and are guaranteed to remove irritating off-flavour components from tap water. This results in high overall efficiency in catering establishments and problem-free processes in people's private homes, all thanks to long-term protection of machines, low maintenance costs and safe operating times. But our intelligent high-performance optimisation can do even more than that. As the world's top water filter manufacturer, we're all about the taste and have developed unique filter systems that transform any untreated water into consistently perfect drinking water, regardless of its origin or specific composition.

Your No. 1 partner for innovative solutions and holistic concepts in the gastronomy & vending sectors

We are the go-to provider of innovative solutions and holistic concepts for practically all gastronomy and vending applications in which water has an important bearing on the quality of the final product as well as for the protection of innovative machine technology. We work very closely with local and international manufacturers of catering equipment, service organisations and specialist dealers.

Global water specialists local to you

We have our own representatives in all the relevant markets around the world. Our customers and partners benefit hugely from this international presence and superb service by our local water experts, not to mention our absolute loyalty to specialist retailers. Just ask! Our local specialists will be able to advise you on innovative products from our extensive range, so that you can achieve the greatest water optimisation efficiency in any local water situation, for any application and for any level of water consumption.

Modern production facilities

BWT products are manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities in Europe. This takes place in compliance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) production standards, the quality management standards (ISO 9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001).

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For the optimal enjoyment of coffee, BWT water+more has been working successfully for many years with coffee and catering associations, roasters, machine manufacturers and professional baristas worldwide. Also universities and coffee institutes are among our close partners. With the scientific water know-how of the international BWT Group, the knowledge and experience of our partners, we work together to optimise all work steps and components for a perfect coffee, from the aroma of the bean to preparation in the machine.

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