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About BWT water+more

Water is our

BWT water+more, part of the international BWT Group, is all about state-of-the-art solutions for the hospitality/gastronomy/vending industry.

BWT water+more

BWT water+more

Water is our passion

Water is the elixir of life for the entire BWT Group. Optimal water quality is a crucial factor in commercial success for all sorts of technical equipment across the entire gastronomy sector.

Needs-based water optimisation from local providers for any kind of untreated local water, for any application or any technical appliance in professional gastronomy will have an important bearing not only on the quality of the products that are made with it, but also on the efficiency of the production process as a whole.

Having the wrong water quality can jeopardise quality and incur costs.

More than just products: we offer tried and tested solutions for our customers from local providers

BWT water+more

The unique support that we offer our customers is based on three pillars:

Technical expertise

The core focus of the inter­na­tional BWT Group is water and water opti­mi­sa­tion for a wide array of sectors.

BWT water+more is able to draw upon this world­wide exper­tise on behalf of the gastronomy sector and is always feeding the very latest tech­nology into prac­tical solu­tions for day-​to-day require­ments in the sector.

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Application expertise

In the gastronomy sector, every technical appliance has its own particular requirements when it comes to optimal water quality.

It might be operated with or without steam, use a boiler system or direct injection, or have high or low water consumption. Our expertise on these specific water optimisation requirements makes us a qualified partner for your business.

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Practical support from a local provider

Every region has its own water quality and every regional market has its own specific characteristics when it comes to equipment used and products made. All of this has a bearing on the best possible water optimisation. Our local specialists can pinpoint the right solution for any task.
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