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The app for smartphone or tablet makes choosing a suitable filter system for the specific requirements of users, technicians, coffee machine dealers or vending operators an absolute breeze.
Best Water Professional App Best Water Professional App

BWT Best Water Professional


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Every kind of water has its own mineral composition, depending on where it comes out of the tap. Sometimes, it may be too hard or soft, and often contains unwanted chlorine compounds or unpleasant flavours. This explains why coffee can sometimes taste unpleasant even if the basic ingredients are good.

The good news: The BWT Best Water Professional app for smartphone or tablet allows you to quickly and easily find the right product for you.

As such, users at the point of water use can rest assured, as BWT water+more optimisation systems transform any untreated water into the ideal water for coffee-making, in which the flavours can develop unhindered. At the same time, they also protect the machine against limescale and corrosion.

The BWT Best Water Professional app lets you keep a watchful eye on suitable BWT water+more products – from anywhere, at any time:

An app that caters your particular needs, whether it's local water quality, the amount of water required or a specific customer application – it's remarkably simple, fast, secure and comfortable:

  • Enter the local water hardness, application and usage,
  • and suitable filters are displayed, with the opti­mal size and the replacement date.
  • To top all this off, there's practical advice and information about water optimisation.
  • Direct contact with your BWT water+more contacts
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