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BWT bestclear

Product information

  • Filtration system for partial desalination of compact dishwashers used in the food servicesector
  • Multi-stage filtration to eliminate dry residues
  • Reduced detergent consumption
  • For spot- and streak-free crockery, glassware and cutlery
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Product Overview

BWT bestclear filtration solution is designed to obtain the best possible performance from dishwashers. Today’s guests and diners expect high levels of quality, service and perfection right down to the last detail. BWT bestclear is a welcome dishwasher innovation for those restaurateurs and food service professionals who take the demands of their guests and diners very seriously. BWT bestclear is designed to achieve outstanding dishwashing results: tables will look immaculate with brilliant, shiny cutlery and glassware that sparkles, presenting the perfect setting for guests and diners. Glassware and cutlery will require no polishing, while champagne and beer glasses are guaranteed to have perfectly formed foam.

Benefits of BWT bestclear at a glance:

  • Reduced limescale and particles in the water
  • No dry residues or streaks
  • Reduced detergent consumption
  • Gleaming crockery, glassware and cutlery
  • No polishing required
  • Perfect foam formation in champagne and beer glasses

BWT bestclear


Connection thread (in/out)


  Intake pressure hot/cold water
  min– max in bar

2 – 6**

2 – 8

  Water temperature min – max in °C

4 – 65**

4 – 30

Ambient temperature min.– max. [°C]

4 – 40

Total height without bracket (A) in mm

570 – 580

Total height with bracket (B) in mm


Connection height (C) in mm


Distance from floor (D) in mm


Installed length (E) in mm


Filter cartridges Ø (F) in mm


Pressure loss in bar (at 100/200 l/h)


Weight (dry/wet) in kg, approx.


Order no. Filter cartridge


** During hot water operation a pressure regulator should be installed.

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