BWT water+more goes official water filter sponsorship

World Barista Championships 2022 – 2025

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About BWT water+more

Water is our

BWT water+more, part of the international BWT Group, is all about state-of-the-art solutions for the hospitality/gastronomy/vending industry.

BWT water+more

BWT water+more

Water is our passion

Water is the elixir of life for the entire BWT Group. Optimal water quality is a crucial factor in commer­cial success for all sorts of tech­nical equip­ment across the entire hospi­tality industry sector.

Needs-​​​based water opti­mi­za­tion from local providers for any kind of untreated local water, for any appli­ca­tion or any tech­nical appli­ance in profes­sional hospitality industry will have an impor­tant bearing not only on the quality of the prod­ucts that are made with it, but also on the effi­ciency of the produc­tion process as a whole.

Having the wrong water quality can jeop­ar­dise quality and incur costs.

More than just prod­ucts: we offer proved and tested solutions for our customers and from local subsidiary

BWT water+more

The unique support that we offer our customers is based on three pillars:

Technical expertise

The core focus of the inter­na­tional BWT Group is water and water opti­mi­za­tion for a wide array of sectors.

BWT water+more is able to draw upon this world­wide exper­tise on behalf of the hospitality industry sector and is always feeding the very latest tech­nology into prac­tical solu­tions for day-​to-​day require­ments in the sector.

Application expertise

In the hospitality industry sector, every tech­nical appli­ance has its own partic­ular require­ments when it comes to optimal water quality. Espe­cially for perfect quality of tea and coffee in the cup, and for protec­tion of tech­nical equip­ment, best water opti­miza­tion is manda­tory.

Our exper­tise on these specific water opti­miza­tion require­ments makes us a qual­i­fied partner for your busi­ness. We are proud Qual­i­fied Water Filtra­tion Sponsor of the World Barista Cham­pi­onship.

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Prac­tical support from a local subsidiary

Every region has its own water quality and every regional market has its own specific char­ac­ter­is­tics when it comes to equip­ment used and prod­ucts made. All of this has a bearing on the best possible water opti­mi­za­tion. Our local special­ists can pinpoint the right solu­tion for any task.
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