BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee

Universal water optimization for coffee production

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Fordele og egenskaber:

  • BWT højtydende membran
  • Typisk ydeevne 120 l/t
  • Robust, slidstærk, effektiv
  • BWT-magnesiumteknologi
  • Unik med magnesium, hvilket giver perfekt aroma
  • UF-membran for det reneste vand, uden bakterier (log 6)
  •  Typisk kapacitet 6.000 liter ved 150 μS/cm


Anvendes til:

  • Klassiske kaffemaskiner
  • Specialkaffemaskiner
  • Espressomaskiner
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Product details

BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee (Reverse Osmosis Compact) is an excep­tion­ally compact reverse osmosis system with inte­grated BWT magne­sium tech­nology for miner­al­i­za­tion, making it ideal for producing coffee and all hot drinks. All filter cartridges used here can be replaced extremely easily, quickly and safely without the need for tools. BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee systems are robust and have a long service life. They are extremely reli­able and require little main­te­nance.

Two BWT key tech­nolo­gies are used in the BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee systems: inno­v­a­tive membrane tech­nology in the BWT BESTAQUA MEMBRANE module and the patented BWT magne­sium tech­nology in the BWT bestaqua PREMIUM filter, which adds magne­sium to the water as a flavour carrier. Users world­wide there­fore benefit from the excel­lent limescale protec­tion in this reverse osmosis system, which ensures repro­ducible results world­wide in opti­mizing water and provides splendid sensory expe­ri­ences for those who enjoy their coffee creations.

Technical benefits of the BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee system at a glance:

  • High permeate capacity of 120 l/h
  • High salt retaining rate of > 97%
  • High permeate yield of up to 50%
  • Freely selectable mineral content in the permeate with a simple bypass setting
  • Ideal mineral composition for hot drinks due to BWT magnesium technology
  • Very compact and service-friendly
  • Simple filter replacement without using tools

Technical details

Permeate capacity 2 L/min = 120 L/h
Salt reten­tion rate > 97%
Permeate yield Approx. 50 %
Oper­ating condi­tions
Feed water flow rate, min. 4.2 L/min = 250 L/h
Concen­trate flow rate approx. 2.0 L/min = 120 L/h
Feed water pres­sure 0.15-0.4 MPa = 1.5-4 bar
Feed water temper­a­ture 5-30°C
Ambient temper­a­ture 5-40°C
Power supply 230 V/50 Hz, ≥ 6
Protec­tion rating 54 IP
Device fuse 1.25 A, time-​lag
Power consump­tion 200 W, standby < 3 W
Device connec­tion EC-​60320 C13
IEC power cable 1.8 m, CEE 7/4, IEC-​60320 C13
Inlet and outlet lines
Feed water M ¾"
Permeate M ⅜"
Concen­trate John Guest 8 mm
External tank John Guest 8 mm
Dimen­sions and weight
Dimen­sions (W x D x H) 277 x 297 x 505 mm
Weight 17.7 kg
Order number
BWT bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee RS82M01A00
BWT bestaqua membrane, size 14 RS00Y61A00
BWT bestaqua PREMIUM, size 14 FS24P99A00

BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee