BWT bestaroma PREMIUM

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  • Filter insert fits in the standardized conical holders used by many manufacturers
  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Reliable and effective protection against limescale
  • Patented BWT magnesium technology mineralizes the filtrate with magnesium as flavor carrier
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Product details

BWT bestaroma PREMIUM is a special water treatment solution for reservoir tank coffee machines. Its unique, patented BWT magne­sium tech­nology means BWT best­aroma PREMIUM tank filters ensure an optimal extrac­tion process and the best water for your cup of coffee.

The unique water opti­mi­sa­tion with BWT bestaroma PREMIUM profes­sional tech­nology results in targeted reduc­tion of carbonate hard­ness (limescale content) in water, whilst providing clear, particle-free water for coffee free from strange tastes or smells. The results are the best water for your coffee, optimal coffee enjoy­ment, and your machine tech­nology is protected for future use.

Valu­able minerals remain in the water, ensuring the ideal aroma and crema when making espresso or similar drinks. BWT bestaroma PREMIUM is ideal for the profes­sional require­ments of coffee connois­seurs and hobby baristas.

Technical benefits of
BWT bestaroma PREMIUM at a glance:

  • Reliable protection against limescale deposits
  • Professional multi-stage filtration
  • Integrated active carbon filtration
  • Patented BWT magnesium technology
  • High filtering capacity

Technical details

BWT bestaroma PREMIUM
Ø filter insert top in mm  89.6 mm
Ø filter insert bottom in mm 82.8 mm
Height of the filter insert without handle in mm 40 mm
Height of the filter insert with handle in mm 56.5 mm
Weight in g (net) 135
Typical filter capacity at 10 dKH 145 L
Order no. Filter element KS20P00

Compatibility of BWT bestaroma PREMIUM

Coffee machines with BRITA** AquaAroma filter cartridge,

Servomat Steigler***: Cino, LaRhea (Tank-in-tank solution).

** BRITA is a registered trademark of BRITA GmbH, Taunusstein.

*** Cino and LaRhea are registered trademarks of Servomat Steigler Vertriebs- und Beratungs-GmbH.

BWT bestaroma PREMIUM