BWT besthead

Standard filter head

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  • Traditional BWT water+more filter head
  • Suitable for all standard BWT water+more filter cartridges
  • Compact for all installation situations
  • Extensive accessories available
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Product details

The BWT best­head filter head is a wonder­fully simple tech­nical solu­tion. It fits every BWT water+more stan­dard filter cartridge and is a part of the initial instal­la­tion. The unique, as-neces­sary bypass setting is extremely simple to use and safe to operate due to the inte­grated locking mech­a­nism.

Auto­matic shut off upon removal of a water cartridge makes changing the filter child's play. Two DVGW-inspected check valves prevent water from flowing back into the water pipeline or the customer's water supply. BWT best­head, like all BWT components, is made from food-safe mate­rials and can be connected to all drinking water systems world­wide.

Technical benefits of BWT besthead at a glance:

  • Simple bypass setting with locking mechanism
  • Automatic water stop for filter replacement
  • Comes with two integrated DVGW-inspected check valves as standard
  • Standard wall mount

BWT besthead