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Filtration for indulgence and efficiency

9.4.2014 8:00   Wiesbaden

Tasting experiment at BWT water+more – new: BWT bestaqua


They came, they saw, they tasted: Our own, specially developed tasting experiment, which allows different water qualities to be experienced, attracted large numbers of INTERNORGA visitors to the BWT water+more stand. Over coffee specialities freshly prepared by current German Barista Champion (SCAE) Erna Tosberg, interested visitors gained information on the innovations Wiesbaden's water-makers have to offer: the world first BWT bestmax BALANCE for the purest possible coffee-making water, and the BWT bestaqua concept, which prepares water perfectly for washing technology, combination steamers and coffee, even in large quantities.


"We consider INTERNORGA 2014 to have been a great success. We welcomed top-class national and international guests to our stand, held excellent meetings with decision-makers from our target groups, and were able to generate plenty of new contacts once again this year," summarises Dr. Frank Neuhausen, CEO of BWT water+more Deutschland GmbH. Visitors were extremely interested in the filter specialists' latest innovations. The flagship product BWT bestmax BALANCE, which has just been launched on the market, transforms raw water into extra-pure coffee-making water, free from any substances that could impinge on the coffee indulgence: silver, phosphates, sodium and heavy metals. In doing so, the new filter cartridge with 50% greater filter capacity works extremely efficiently and provides coffee machines with lasting protection against limescale deposits.


New: BWT bestaqua concept


BWT water+more presented its new BWT bestaqua CLEAN, BWT bestaqua STEAM and BWT bestaqua COFFEE system solutions to a wide audience, just in time for the market launch. The holistic BWT bestaqua concept is based on the principle of reverse osmosis, which has proved itself time and again in practice. The compact systems are efficient and easy to service, providing large quantities of water in consistently high quality for clean washing results, pure steam in combination steamers and perfect coffee-making water.


Tasting attraction: ‘wow’ moments


The tasting experiment, developed especially for BWT water+more by Cem Korkmaz, led to plenty of ‘wow’ moments for the visitors. They had the chance to taste coffees that had been brewed in exactly the same way; the only difference being the provenance of the water types. The waters used were raw waters from Wiesbaden, Würzburg and Hamburg, as well as gourmet water optimised using BWT water+more technology. Both coffee professionals and the uninitiated were able to clearly taste and name the differences between the various water qualities. “BWT water+more’s tasting experiment showed both amateur and professional baristas how the water quality affects the sensory experience of the coffee. In the experiment, we were able to show how good, reproducible sensory results can be achieved using BWT technology. After all, we professional baristas have to make sure that the coffee always has the same high quality, wherever we are,” explains Cem Korkmaz, Austrian Barista Champion 2011 (SCAE) and BWT water+more partner.


Coffee specialities from the Barista champion


The coffee specialities that Erna Tosberg conjured up for the trade fair visitors at the open plan coffee bar were a real attraction at the trade fair stand. The Head Barista at Münster's "roestbar" coffee bar won the three individual disciplines at the 2013 German Barista Championships, as well as the advancement prize awarded by BWT water+more. "I have been using BWT water+more filters for a few years now and I am very satisfied with them. Not only do they protect our coffee machines; they also allow us to achieve excellent sensory properties in all types of coffee," says Erna Tosberg.


BWT water+more Deutschland GmbH


BWT water+more Deutschland GmbH was the very first company to address the issue of water quality as a key requirement for successful vending and HORECA products. Regardless of the local water situation, the comprehensive range of filters purifies the raw water ideally for hot drinks, combination steamers and washing technology. The added extras offered by the Wiesbaden-based filtration specialists include not only its international presence, but also marketing support, local service and loyalty to specialist dealers. Founded in 2005, BWT water+more Deutschland GmbH is a one hundred per cent subsidiary of Austrian company Best Water Technology AG (BWT), Europe's leading water purification company.