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Clever filter solutions from BWT water+more for greater indulgence and efficiency in the catering sector

14.4.2014 8:00   Wiesbaden

Europe’s technology leader in water purification presents innovative concepts at Internorga 2014


This is how perfect water purification works! Alongside its filter solutions that have proved themselves thousands of times over, BWT water+more once again presented smart innovations for professional water optimisation at Internorga 2014 in Hamburg, the leading trade fair for the eating-out sector. Large numbers of people at the trade fair visited the Wiesbaden-based water maker’s stand to find out about the world first BWT bestmax BALANCE, for the purest water without any disruptive additives, and to take a look at the brand new system solutions in the BWT bestaqua concept. In addition, the tasting experiment with champion barista Cem Korkmaz gave visitors the chance to try out BWT water+more’s gourmet water with all their senses, giving many of them a real ‘wow’ moment.


World first BWT bestmax BALANCE conjures up perfect coffee-making water


The Wiesbaden-based filter experts are not resting on their laurels in their role as technology leader. Instead, they are constantly developing their solutions for professional water optimisation further. The brand new flagship product BWT bestmax BALANCE closes a real gap in the market. This new filter cartridge, the only one of its kind in the world, was designed especially for the coffee and coffee specialities segment, as well as vending. With its 50 per cent higher filter capacity, it is not only extremely efficient and provides coffee machines with long-lasting protection against limescale – it also transforms raw water into extra-pure coffee-making water! Water that is free from all the foreign substances that get in the way of true coffee indulgence: silver, phosphates, sodium and heavy metals. For the best espresso of all time!


Top water for all applications with the brand new BWT bestaqua system solutions


It was with great interest that visitors to the trade fair inspected the brand new BWT bestaqua system solutions, presented by the Wiesbaden-based filter specialists at Internorga just in time for the market launch. With its BWT bestaqua CLEAN, BWT bestaqua STEAM and BWT bestaqua COFFEE solutions, the holistic concept provides tailored answers to the need to optimise water for the various HORECA applications. Based on the principle of water softening plants and reverse osmosis, which has proved itself in practice thousands of times over, BWT water+more has developed efficient and low-maintenance compact systems that are able to purify even large quantities of water to a consistently high quality. For sparklingly clean results in washing technology, the purest steam in ovens and combination steamers, and top taste and limescale protection in coffee and vending machines.


Gourmet water put to the test: tasting experiment creates some ‘wow’ moments


Visitors to Internorga were amazed by the tasting experiment at the BWT water+more stand. Instructed by Cem Korkmaz, Austrian Barista Champion 2011, they put the original gourmet water from Europe’s number one water optimisers to the test, sampling its taste and sensory properties. In the experiment, designed by Cem Korkmaz especially for BWT water+more, the trade fair guests tasted a series of freshly-brewed coffees that had been composed and prepared in exactly the same way. The only difference was the water they were made with. Alongside raw waters from Würzburg, Hamburg and Wiesbaden, the line-up of course also included the optimised gourmet water from BWT water+more, creating real ‘wow’ moments for coffee professionals and amateurs alike! The difference between the different water qualities really was on the tip of the tongue: every test participant was able to clearly identify the coffee made with BWT water+more’s gourmet water, as well as clearly naming the differences between that and the coffees made with unfiltered water. When the water filtered by BWT is used, the coffee has more balanced flavours, the taste nuances really come into their own, acidity is reduced and the resulting overall taste is much better balanced. “BWT water+more’s tasting experiment showed both amateur and professional baristas how the water quality affects the sensory experience of the coffee. In the experiment, we were able to show how good, reproducible sensory results can be achieved using BWT technology. After all, we professional baristas have to make sure that the coffee always has the same high quality, wherever we are,” sums up Cem Korkmaz.


Champion coffee specialities by Erna Tosberg


Coffee at its best: Another highlight at Internorga 2014 was the presence of Erna Tosberg, current German Barista Champion, SCAE coach and Head Barista at ‘roestbar’ in Münster, at the open plan coffee bar at BWT water+more’s stand. Erna amazed trade fair guests with her coffee specialities and showed how water and coffee, sensory properties and taste can work together as well as possible. The top barista knows what she’s talking about: “I have been using BWT water+more filters for a few years now and I am very satisfied with them. Not only do they protect our coffee machines; they also allow us to achieve excellent sensory properties in all types of coffee,” she says. At the German Barista Championships in September 2013, the barista from Münster won the day with her coffee creations – all of them made with BWT-filtered water. It is not for nothing that the Wiesbaden-based water specialist was the exclusive water supplier to the German Barista Championships.


About BWT water+more Deutschland GmbH


BWT water+more Deutschland GmbH was the very first company to address the issue of water quality as a key requirement for successful vending and HORECA products. Regardless of the local water situation, the comprehensive range of filters purifies the raw water ideally for hot drinks, combination steamers and washing technology. The added extras offered by the Wiesbaden-based filtration specialists include not only its international presence, but also marketing support, local service and loyalty to specialist dealers. Founded in 2005, BWT water+more Deutschland GmbH is a one hundred per cent subsidiary of Austrian company Best Water Technology AG (BWT), Europe's leading water purification company.