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BWT bestmax BALANCE water filter
“TOP Innovation” at the Eu’Vend 2013 in Cologne

24.10.2013 8:00   Wiesbaden

World innovation by BWT water+more left a lasting impression on the experts’ panel.


Cologne. A complete success! The filter specialist BWT water+more from Wiesbaden again underlined its status as technology leader at the Eu’Vend in Cologne, Europe’s leading trade fair for vending machines. In the special exhibition “Vending Innovations”, the company presented its world innovation, the BWT bestmax BALANCE filter cartridge as a “TOP Innovation”. Besides this highlight, the company from Wiesbaden of course also brought its tried and tested, intelligent filter solutions to the fair. The sophisticated special filters take on all water situations in the vending business and always make the best of them – for low maintenance intervals in vending machines and consistently excellent taste results in cups and mugs. 


The Eu’Vend, Europe’s biggest vending trade fair in terms of exhibitors, attracted around 5,000 trade visitors from 60 countries to the Koelnmesse this year. Right in the middle: BWT water+more GmbH, addressing vending companies’ increasing wish of protecting their vending machines from limescale with its “Best Coffee Systems Care” concept. Furthermore, the integrated filter solutions by the water specialist from Wiesbaden stand for the best coffee flavour at attractive costs. There is hardly a water situation for which BWT water+more’s extensive product range does not offer a suitable filtration solution. Always with the aim of perfectly optimising the water for hot and cold beverages from vending machines.


World innovation BWT bestmax BALANCE
“TOP Innovation” at the special exhibition “Vending Innovation Area”


The latest coup by the water optimiser from Wiesbaden – the world innovation BWT bestmax BALANCE – left a lasting impression on the international experts’ panel of the Eu’Vend. As a result, BWT water+more was invited to present its new flagship at the attractive special exhibition “Vending Innovation Area” as “TOP Innovation” by the Eu’Vend organisation team. BWT bestmax BALANCE – as the first filter cartridge ever – transforms untreated water into ultra-pure coffee water and catapults coffee lovers into new taste dimensions – highest filter efficiency and optimal machine protection included.


Full control over water: Four filters solve almost any water problem

Under the sign of the cloverleaf: at BWT water+more’s trade booth, the trade fair visitors were able to get to know the award-winning water filter systems by the filter specialist from Wiesbaden. The four-leaf clover water filters effortlessly master all water situations in vending. They eliminate all undesired ingredients from the water and refine it with, for example, valuable magnesium as a flavour carrier and guarantee permanent protection and a longer lifespan of vending machines with minimal costs. Besides the completely new BWT bestmax BALANCE filter system, the company from Wiesbaden presented BWT bestmax, the tried and tested all-rounder which masters around 90% of all water situations, BWT bestmax PREMIUM, the award-winning flavour booster with patented Mg2+ technology, which additionally enriches water with the flavour carrier magnesium, and BWT bestprotect, the hidden champion for full flavour and efficient machine protection.


Content instead of advertising claims: BWT water+more Director Dr. Frank Neuhausen on the Red Sofa


BWT water+more does not rest on its role as technology leader in the water filtration business. With its filtration systems, the company from Wiesbaden thinks ahead and is today already planning which technological developments could be attractive for the vending business in future. Both in the past and today, vending operators look for reliable and efficient filtration systems which continuously provide high-quality water at a low cost. “Further optimising this is our daily work and our objective”, says Dr. Frank Neuhausen, Director of BWT water+more Deutschland GmbH. Especially in the highly competitive vending business and in times of economically difficult conditions, shortcomings take their toll immediately, and product faults are quickly punished by the customers. As a reliable partner of vending machine operators, the water makers from Wiesbaden provide sophisticated products, tried and tested thousands of times in practice, and intelligent customised innovations instead of flowery advertising claims. At the Eu’Vend, Dr. Frank Neuhausen talked to Stefanie George, chief editor of the magazine Vending Management, about “Content Marketing – Convincing instead of Persuading” on the Red Sofa, and highlighted the effectiveness of the filtration solutions from Wiesbaden using the example of the hardship case Berlin water.


BWT water+more filters – always on the spot at the point of use

The special case of Berlin water impressively demonstrates that water does not equal water. Its quality can differ as much as the types of coffee used; a crux for vending operators who want the same quality of water for consistent taste results, and who want low maintenance at the same time. In the federal capital, it is not so much the carbonate hardness and the limescale in the vending machines connected with this that poses the problem, but rather the high sulphate content of the tap water. If sulphate ions form bonds with calcium ions, gypsum is formed which again and again unexpectedly brings vending machines to a halt. This results in sales losses and higher costs because of increased maintenance intervals. “More frequent maintenance does not help the operators come to grips with the problem, however”, Dr. Frank Neuhausen explains from experience. The solution in Berlin was BWT bestprotect, the machine protector among water filters, which keeps the pH value on a consistently balanced level and thus prevents the formation of gypsum. This hidden champion also prevents corrosion damage to the metal parts of the machine; and the water that passes through it is perfectly mineralised and with this elicits optimal flavour from the stocked products.