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WOC Event Host Sponsor BWT water+more supports SCA sustainability efforts

Milan invites you to the finest coffee extrav­a­ganza. From 23 to 25 June 2022, the World of Coffee, put on by the Specialty Coffee Asso­ci­a­tion (SCA), will show the trends and become the meeting point for the inter­na­tional coffee commu­nity. As has been the case for many years, BWT water+more will also be accom­pa­nying the trade-​fair combi­na­tion and coffee compe­ti­tion as an event host sponsor.

In Hall 3, Stand S10 the coffee water profes­sional will also be bringing along the compact reverse osmosis systems from the BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee range and the inno­v­a­tive filter BWT best­care 10, the germ catcher for all cold-​water systems. As an inter­na­tion­ally active specialist in the prepa­ra­tion of the best water for hot drinks, BWT water+more knows what creates great-​tasting coffee.

A quick preview – BWT water+more will also be the offi­cial water filter sponsor for the first time at the “World Barista Cham­pi­onship” in Melbourne in September. 

Our pillars

BWT bestaqua ROC coffee - Rethinking reverse osmosis

BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee (Reverse Osmosis Compact) is an exceptionally compact reverse osmosis system with integrated BWT magnesium technology for mineralisation, making it ideal for producing coffee and all hot drinks. All filter cartridges used here can be replaced extremely easily, quickly and safely without the need for tools. BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee systems are robust and have a long service life. They are extremely reliable and require little maintenance.

Technical advantages of BWT bestaqua ROC 16 at a glance:

  • High permeate capacity of 120 l/h
  • High salt retaining rate of > 97%
  • High permeate yield of up to 50%
  • Freely selectable mineral content in the permeate with a simple bypass setting
  • Ideal mineral composition for hot drinks due to BWT magnesium technology
  • Very compact and service-friendly
  • Simple filter replacement without using tools

Product info

  • Efficient water optimisation for the preparation of coffee and espresso
  • Standardised water for coffee, can be reproduced worldwide
  • Universal solution for every typical raw water and high water requirement
  • The coffee machine is safely protected against deposits such as limescale and gypsum
  • Perfect interaction of reverse osmosis and BWT magnesium technology for remineralisation
  • Resource-saving plug-in technology - unpack, connect and go
  • Easy monitoring and control via Bluetooth app
bestcare S

Product information

  • Full protection of your water quality directly at the consumer
  • Integrated BWT 3-fold activated carbon barrier
  • A filter for the separation of particles, bacteria, protozoa as well as for the reduction of chlorine taste
  • Retention even of microplastics
  • Easy installation and filter change with BWT besthead FLEX
  • Simple and fast start-up, without black water

Technical advantages of BWT bestcare 10 at a glance:

  • Retention of particles through integrated pre-filtration (5 μm).
  • Chlorine reduction > 90% through integrated activated carbon filtration
  • Separation of bacteria 99.999% (log 5)
  • Integrated hollow fiber membrane filtration (0.1μm)
  • Filter capacity 6,000 liters / filter replacement after 6 months
  • Silvered activated carbon to protect against bacterial growth
  • Vertical insert

BWT bestcare 10 with 3-fold activated carbon barrier

Due to its newly developed 3-fold activated carbon barrier, practically all particles, organic components as well as turbidity are reliably removed, odor and taste impairments, e.g. due to chlorine, are eliminated. The filtration result is made perfect by the final BWT membrane filtration for the reliable removal of bacteria and protozoa. And all this with a very high dirt-holding capacity at low pressure loss. BWT bestcare 10 is ideal for use in all water dispensers and drinking water systems.

BWT besttaste with integrated prefiltration

BWT besttaste filter cartridges with integrated pre-filtration provide the best water for vending machines, coffee machines and many other applications in the catering industry. They are also ideal for pre-filtration before BWT bestaqua ROC reverse osmosis systems. Existing particles or even annoying foreign tastes and odors are reliably eliminated. Optimum taste of all hot beverages and protection of all gastro equipment in areas with low carbonate hardness (lime content) is thus guaranteed.

Product information

  • Activated carbon filter system with integrated high-performance pre-filtration
  • Use especially for high particle content of raw water and high water demand
  • Ideal for optimizing water for the catering industry
  • Removal of particles, off-flavor components and chlorine from raw water
  • Use with raw water with low carbonate hardness (lime content)
  • Easy installation via universal BWT besthead FLEX connection technology
  • High sensory quality of the filtrate

Technical advantages of BWT besttaste 10, 15 and 20 at a glance:

  • Integrated high performance particle pre-filtration
  • High filter capacity
  • High-quality activated carbon
  • Activated carbon fleeces for always crystal clear water
  • Reduces the content of heavy metals
  • Easy handling during filter replacement
  • Can be used horizontally and vertically

Technical advantages of BWT besttaste 10, 15 and 20 at a glance:

  • Integrated high performance particle pre-filtration
  • High filter capacity
  • High-quality activated carbon
  • Activated carbon fleeces for always crystal clear water
  • Reduces the content of heavy metals
  • Easy handling during filter replacement
  • Can be used horizontally and vertically

Product infos

  • Special filter system for catering and bakeries
    Ideal for the production of hot beverages
  • Very suitable for steam production of combi steamers, steam cookers and ovens
  • Protection against lime and gypsum deposits
  • Easy installation via universal BWT besthead FLEX connection technology
  • Space-saving with very easy handling

Technical advantages of BWT bestprotect at a glance: 

  • 5-fold filtration
  • Reliable lime and gypsum protection for machines
  • High pH value to minimize corrosion risks
  • Activated carbon fleeces for always crystal clear water
  • Simplest handling when replacing filters

BWT bestprotect M for water with special properties

BWT bestprotect is a filter solution for water with special properties. It not only prevents the formation of lime and gypsum, but also ensures a constantly high pH value.

Thus, BWT bestprotect protects valuable machine technology from deposits and avoids corrosion problems on stainless steel parts. In addition, this filter system provides water of high sensory quality for the production of high-quality hot beverages.

BWT besthead FLEX with innovative FLEX connection technology

With BWT besthead FLEX, the filter head with the most flexible connection technology in the world, filter installation is extremely easy, even in cramped conditions. Its innovative FLEX technology with ratchet angle adjustment in 30° steps enables the best possible alignment of the connection hoses, even under cramped conditions. This saves space and ensures maximum safety. 

Thanks to the direct connection of FLEX insert components to the filter head, additional double nipples or transition fittings are completely unnecessary. During installation, a wide variety of connections and pre-assembled hoses to the raw water as well as to the consumer can be used. Without exception, they are all equipped with FLEX insert connections and are inserted directly into the unique interface on the filter head, where they are held securely by a clip that can be released without tools. DVGW type-tested check valves in the filter head at the inlet and outlet prevent water from flowing back into the filter cartridge as well as into the piping system. Both the BWT besthead FLEX filter head and all components with FLEX insert connections are made of food-safe materials and can be used on all drinking water systems worldwide. 

besthead flex

Product info

  • Universal BWT water+more filter head with innovative FLEX connection technology
  • Suitable for all standard BWT water+more filter cartridges
  • Ideal for any installation situation, especially where space is limited
  • Extensive range of FLEX accessories available

Technical advantages of BWT besthead FLEX at a glance: 

  • With integrated venting valve and hose
  • Simple bypass adjustment with locking device
  • Automatic water stop for filter change
  • Standard with two integrated DVGW type-tested backflow preventers
  • Standard wall bracket
  • Extensive FLEX connection technology available in many dimensions
Dr. Frank Neuhausen

Dr. Frank Neuhausen - Managing Director of BWT water+more Deutschland GmbH.

Optimized water, interacting with the right beans, a high-quality machine and a well-trained barista make the key difference to the taste. If the quality of a hot drink is right, the customer will be satisfied and they’ll definitely come again


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