best sediment ohne kopf
best sediment ohne kopf

BWT bestsediment

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  • Special particle depth filter
  • Ideal for pre-filtration in combination with other BWT water+more filter cartridges
  • Used especially to filter raw water with high particle content and for serving high water demand
  • Ideal for optimising water for the restaurant and catering industry
  • Simple installation via universal BWT besthead FLEX connection technology
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Product details

BWT bestsed­i­ment 20 filter cartridges are a superb solu­tion for pre-​filtra­tion of local raw water that contains very high particle loads. They reli­ably protect BWT water+more filter cartridges installed down­stream against prema­ture blocking, thereby minimising the overall costs of water opti­mi­sa­tion.

This is achieved thanks to the special internal struc­ture of this polypropy­lene filter, which can also reli­ably and effi­ciently retain large quan­ti­ties of parti­cles of various sizes. More­over, they are also perfectly suited in regions where the raw water has low chlo­rine content as a pre-​filtra­tion stage upstream of BWT bestaqua ROC reverse osmosis systems.

Tech­nical advan­tages of BWT best­sedi­ment at a glance:

  • Integrated particle pre-filtration
  • High-quality activated-carbon
  • Activated charcoal fleece for consistently crystal-clear water
  • Reduces the heavy-metal content of water
  • Ease of handling when replacing the filter
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
BWT bestsediment type S
Connection thread (in/out), (1) variable
Inlet pressure, min. – max. in bar 2–8
Water temperature, min. – max. in °C 4–30
Ambient temperature, min. – max. in °C 4–40
Total height without bracket in mm, approx. 360
Total height with bracket in mm, approx. 385
Connection height in mm 308
Distance to floor in mm 65
Installation length in mm 125
Ø filter cartridge in mm 88
Weight in kg, approx. (dry/wet) 0.9/1.5
Particle separation in µm 5
Filter replacement recommended after months 6
Order no. of filter cartridge FS22A00A00

(1) Connection thread options with BWT besthead FLEX

best sediment ohne kopf

BWT bestsediment