bestmin coffee
bestmin coffee

BWT bestmin COFFEE

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  • Special filter system for mineralising raw water for use in the restaurant and catering industry
  • Especially suitable for local raw water sourced in soft water areas that has a low mineral content
  • Consistently highly pure, bacteria-free water thanks to integrated BWT membrane technology
  • Eliminates undesirable concomitant substances and microplastics from raw water
  • Ensures a balanced mineral ratio in the filtrate
  • Delivers the perfect water for producing hot beverages with top sensory attributes
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Product details

BWT bestmin Coffee is a one-of-a-kind filter system unique anywhere in the world for mineralising low-salt raw water, as can be found in mountainous regions and other soft water areas.

Its specific mineralisation refines raw water that is low in minerals to create a finely mineralised gourmet water ideal for all hot beverages and coffee specialities. Moreover, the integrated BWT ultrafiltration membrane (0.1µm) ensures that the filtrate is always hygienically pure, virtually free of bacteria (retention rate of 99.9999%/log 6) and free of even the tiniest particulates and microplastics.

Technical advantages of BWT bestmin Coffee at a glance:

  • Very easy to install and to replace filters
  • Mineralisation of low-salt raw water
  • BWT ultrafiltration membrane (0.1µm)
  • 99.9999% (log 6) retention of bacteria
  • Filtration of all treated water 
  • Easy to install with universal BWT besthead FLEX connection technology

Technical details

BWT bestmin COFFEE 100
Connection thread (in/out) (1) variable
Inlet pressure, min. – max. in bar 2–8
Water temperature, min. – max. in °C 4–30
Ambient temperature, min. – max. in °C 4–40
Total height without bracket in mm, approx. 475
Total height with bracket in mm, approx. 500
Connection height in mm 425
Distance to floor in mm 65
Installation length in mm 125
Ø filter cartridge in mm 130
Weight in kg, approx. (dry/wet) 4.0/4.5
Filter replacement recommended after months 6
Order no. of filter cartridge FS24M99A00

(1) Connection thread options with BWT besthead FLEX

bestmin coffee

BWT bestmin COFFEE