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Water optimisation in the vending machine sector

Water quality is a crucial success factor in the vending machine sector.


Quality vending products are booming, and modern vending machines have achieved a quality that can bring out the true full character, flavour and aroma of drinks, particularly when it comes to speciality coffees. The unprecedented progress in vending machine performance has also driven the requirement for a raw material that is critical to the creation of a full coffee taste – i.e. water. Whether providing instant or freshly brewed coffee, suppliers must use the best water available, regardless of local conditions, to maintain or increase the high quality of their vending machine products.


Water is not just water.


There are enormous local variations in the quality of drinking water. The list of differences is very long. This may result in taste variations in the coffee that comes from vending machines or in degraded flavour that can lead to lower revenues. The water may be too hard, too chlorinated and have a low mineral content. It may also contain excessive levels of calcium sulphate or other contaminants. In short, water quality is often far from perfect, and must be optimised for use in coffee machines.


The right product for every water requirement.


We can respond to the specific requirements of the vending machine sector with a wide range of products. This includes, for example, the new BWT bestsave limescale protection pad, the ‘smart solution’ for basic limescale protection that is adequate for coffee machines with a relatively low output. Or the extremely cost-effective BWT bestmax series with “High Efficiency Technology” (HET) for the very high flow rates in the vending sector. We also have a range of special filtration systems for problematic water conditions, such as our flagship product, BWT bestmax PREMIUM with BWT Mg2+ technology, developed specifically for the premium segment in the vending sector. BWT bestmax PREMIUM not only removes the calcium from the water, but also enriches it with the flavour carrier magnesium.


BWT water+more water optimisation systems not only guarantee the sensory quality of the vending product, but also the highest levels of operational reliability and protection against limescale. This will help operators to maximise their income as well as protect their investments.