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Water optimisation for combi steamers and ovens

Boost the culinary performance of steam for combi steamers and ovens.


The modern production of culinary specialities in the food service and bakery sectors would be inconceivable without the gentle, effective cooking and baking techniques of modern combi steamers and ovens. The availability of fine, high-temperature steam has substantially extended the range of cooking and baking methods. The latest ultra-sophisticated industrial applications, however, rely on water being of the highest quality. Any superfluous element in the water reduces productivity and restricts performance, which, in the worst case, risks compromising the cooking and baking products themselves.


Exploit the maximum potential of your machine technology.


Our water optimisation systems offer technically perfect and compelling economic solutions for this sensitive application. Efficient, multi-stage, particle-free filtration exploits the potential of combi steamers and ovens to the fullest extent:


  • Baked goods end up light with a crisp crust
  • Vegetables retain their appetising colour and vitamin content
  • Roasts have a soft core and produce fine roasting aromas


A true all-rounder in water optimisation.


BWT bestmax is a real expert when it comes to combi steamers and ovens. As an all-round filtration solution it provides highly efficient methods of delivering perfect water to create the purest possible steam. BWT bestmax with “High Efficiency Technology” (HET) substantially improves the baking processes, as the compact filter cartridge removes calcium and other unwanted substances in the water. This produces end products of consistently high quality in terms of taste, and a consistently high-performing oven. It also ensures maximum protection for the appliance, as the micro-jets in this highly-rated cooking technology cannot be blocked by calcium deposits.



Products for combi steamers and ovens
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